Moss & Company is Southern California's leader in property management.

We take pride in our reputation as the premier regional expert with a hands-on approach, personalized services, and cutting-edge tools and resources in both the residential and commercial real estate sectors.


 Our Story Founders

Founders of Moss & Company, Circa 1969

Moss & Company was founded in 1960 by Ron Tamkin, Morton Kirshner, Allen Sackler, and John Liebes in Los Angeles, California. The founders embarked on the journey by syndicating real estate under the fundamental concept that every property is a separate and very real individual business. To achieve success, they knew they had to put people first and to root the company culture in common goals and values. Since then, this concept of "managing as an owner" has been the backbone of our organization's growth and success.

In 1990, as the demand for the specialized regional expertise in property management grew, Cindy Gray, now managing partner, introduced third-party property management to Moss & Company. The company continued its growth while earning its reputation as Southern California's leader in property management.


Today, Chris Gray serves as president of Moss & Company. Chris manages the company along with the executive team, while guided by the principles and values that are rooted in our humble beginnings.

 Our Story Founders

Surviving Partners of Moss & Company in 2018


"We manage properties, but our business is about people first. That is why for us it's always personal."


- Chris Gray, Moss & Company

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