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Moss & Co. Goes “Bowling for Hope” with New Hope Children - Moss & Company News

Moss & Co. Goes “Bowling for Hope” with New Hope Children

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Moss & Co. had the tremendous opportunity to partner with New Hope Children this summer for a bowling event and fundraiser, and our team was beyond proud and honored to be apart of this.

New Hope Children is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and restoring impoverished and abused youth from streets and landfills in Kenya. Through education + counseling, food + shelter, medical needs + more, NHC has the mission to restore children’s lives, while assisting them in becoming healthy, productive, contributing members of their society. By helping troubled youths find their strength and self-confidence, NHC is giving them a foothold towards a better life, empowering them to make positive choices, and giving them the tools to become educated and fruitful individuals.

New Hope Children says this on their website: “We believe education is a key component of alleviating poverty long-term; we also believe these vulnerable youth deserve a fighting chance, hope for their future, and a way to be part of the bigger picture of pulling their community out of poverty.” Here at Moss & Company, we could not agree more. Moss & Co. was honored to be included in this event, and we’re thankful to have been able to give and support the efforts of the team at New Hope Children.

“Moss & Company was a huge supporter and sponsor of our Bowl for Hope event this past July, and we are incredibly grateful for their partnership. Moss, as a whole, is comprised of such caring and giving individuals, and we appreciate their desire to want to change lives for the better by giving landfill children a chance to succeed. They intend to host a New Hope Event in the coming months which we are excitedly anticipating… so stay tuned!” Rachael Joy (RJ) Swanson (Founder / President, New Hope Children)

For more information about New Hope Children, to learn some of the kids’ stories, or to get involved yourself and donate to their efforts, visit the NHC website at


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