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Manager Saves the Day!

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Laura Vaca had to meet a prospective tenant’s architect to open the unit at our South Bay property. Since he needed about 45 minutes, Laura told him she would be in her car doing some work. Sometime later the architect came out running and pounding on her window. He said as he was measuring the unit for the prospective tenant, someone came in and took his backpack with his computer, cell phone, car keys, and apparently his "life". Not wasting a moment, Laura quickly drove off to find a gentleman riding a bike with the backpack. She attempted to catch up but ended up losing him. As Laura returned to the property, the architect got in her car and they decided to ping his phone. As they tracked the phone, they drove over to the location just to find a homeless encampment. Rather than confront the person, they called the police to arrive and handle the situation. The architect ended up getting all his items back that same day, and this would not have happened if Laura did not go above and beyond! Laura's actions not only display a great level of responsibility but true care for another human being. Big kudos to Laura!

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